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One of the best kept secrets of the Middle East

At the crossroads of spice and incense routes, Yemen is one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in the world that has not touched the winds of modernity with its colorful history that dates back to primeval times. Yet Yemen remains a medieval land and modernist fantasy to be discovered. This fascinating country stretching from the shores of the Red Sea to beyond the shores of the Arabian Sea is extraordinarily rich in historical sites. These ancient sites are refreshingly free of commercial ventures with an atmosphere of uncluttered authenticity no longer present at better-trodden historical locations.

A trip to Yemen is considered an experience of a way of life long since lost to the modern world, a dream destination of unusual record, a very rich mixture of archaeological, cultural, traditional arts, natural and historical heritage, a picture of a different age:

  • Discover the timeless history and intrigue of faces from 1001 nights.
  • Remote mountains with villages like fortresses on the top of the peak.
  • Deserts, rugged mountains & fertile valleys, magnificent terraces & dream-like beaches.
  • Picturesque urban settlements with houses of clay, bricks & stone.
  • The walled city of Sana'a with its colorful traditional market.
  • Experience the unique culture of hospitable people and meet the old wisdom and the art of the land of the queen of Sheba every where in the antique ruins and on the facades of the houses.
  • The old history and rich tradition of the people of Yemen are the sources of their identity, kindness and hospitality.
  • Wondering around the mountains and traditional villages to see the smiling people in traditional dress is a must even if hiking is not your cup of tea.
  • Visit stunning, ancient cities like Marib which was the capital of ancient Sheba dating back to the 8th century BC, meet local people and look at sites that relate to the Queen of Sheba.
  • Visit some of the Arab world's most interesting, best preserved, medieval ruins, living culture which is exotic in the true sense of the word.
picture of Shibam Hadramaut


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